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Types of Sup boards

By: :Tihomir Devetakov 0 comments
Types of Sup boards

Types of SUP Boards

How to choose an Inflatable SUP Board MAQUA, according to Size, Volume and Optimal Load:


The length of the board plays an important role in determining how the board will behave on the water. In general, longer boards are faster than shorter ones, but shorter boards are more maneuverable. Keep this in mind when deciding what length board to buy:

The short boards 

Short boards (up to 300 cm / 10 ') are great for surfing and / or for use by children or boys and girls weighing up to 50 kg. Short boards are more maneuverable than long ones, which makes them great for surfing waves.

The middle boards

The middle boards (from 300cm to 360cm / 10 'to 12') are ideal for general use and for SUP yoga. Boards in this size range are stable and reliable. Most of these boards have smooth hulls.

The long boards

Long boards (over 360 cm / 12 ') are great for fast rowing and long distance circumference. Most boards in this size range are narrower and more unstable. Keep in mind that longer boards are harder to carry, especially in windy places.