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Why choose Inflatable SUP Board MAQUA

By: :Tihomir Devetakov 0 comments
Why choose Inflatable SUP Board MAQUA

Why choose Inflatable SUP Board MAQUA

You have limited storage space, if you live in a small house or apartment, you may not have enough free space. Inflatable SUP boards are compact when inflated and can be easily stored in small spaces such as a closet or car trunk. Thanks to the backpack offered in the set, you store in it the Inflatable SUP paddle board MAQUA and all accessories - Aluminum paddle; Additional paddle to Aluminum paddle for kayaking; Two-way inflation pump with pressure gauge; Kayak rowing seat; Fink module with easy installation - disassembly; Protective rope LEASH; Carrying belt; Repair kit.


If you travel by car, train, bus or plane, you can carry your inflatable board and enjoy carefree and pleasant rowing at any point of your trip. The MAQUA inflatable SUP paddle board is your choice of such a board when traveling compactly and over long distances. You will travel by car to the sea, browse and choose one of our offers of inflatable SUP boards.


The inflatable SUP paddle board MAQUA is suitable for tours, walks around the beach, but also for fishing and yoga, because it is more susceptible to pressure. The biggest advantage of the inflatable SUP paddle boards MAQUA is related to the variation of finks - fins that you can attach from below. All three finches can be replaced. For calm waters and a smooth water surface, please install ONLY the central large fin / fin. In case of a slightly stormy sea and turbulent waters and a desire to surf the waves or yoga, please install both side additional finks / fins.


The advantages of the inflatable SUP paddle board MAQUA are related to space optimization and practicality. Made of cross-linked PVC material, this type of paddle board reaches its dimensions through a pump that stretches and thus hardens the PVC material. With reinforcements at the edges and a rough EVA PAD surface that prevents slipping.