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How to use an inflatable SUP board MAQUA

By: :Tihomir Devetakov 0 comments
How to use an inflatable SUP board MAQUA


according to the enclosed INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE




model EASYRIDE, model Rocket: model KAYAK:

A - inflatable SUP board; A - inflatable SUP board;

B - Carrying case / backpack; B - Carrying case / backpack;

C - Two-way pump with pressure gauge; C - Two-way pump with pressure gauge;

D - Aluminum paddle of 3 parts; N - Aluminum paddle of 4 parts;

E - LEASH strap; E - LEASH strap;

F - Carrying belt; F - Carrying belt;

G - Fink / fin module 3 pcs; G - Fink / fin module 3 pcs;

H - Repair kit O - Kayak rowing seat;

(individual parts & valve key); H - Repair kit       

                                                                   (individual parts & valve key);

  1. Choose a clean and smooth surface to roll / unfold the MAQUA inflatable SUP board , ocreate and deploy your MAQUA rowing board as shown in (A1).

CORRECT WAY OF FOLDING the MAQUA inflatable SUP board - (P):

  1. You will find the inflate / deflate valve on the back of the board. Unpack the inflation pump from its packaging and attach the hose to the pump at the handle (OUT - INFLATE), clockwise (I-1):


This is the fastest way to pump, but up you will start to have difficulty reaching 10 PSI - 0.6 bar. When pumping becomes difficult, remove the plug to switch to single mode.



Remove the plug at 10 PSI - 0.6 bar. The unidirectional mode is best after reaching a pressure above 10 PSI - 0.6 bar. Remove the plug and the pump will pump only downwards, allowing a much easier return to the top position of the pump.


* NOTE: the pump manometer starts reading inflation pressure above 10 PSI - 0.6 bar, if even after these values it does not read, please tighten it clockwise as shown.


  1. Make sure the valve on the board is in the UP or closed position (I-2). You will need to remove the valve cap for this. The valve can be up or down, but must be in the UP position when filling so that only air enters. If the center valve head is in the open or down position, you will need to press down on the center of the valve with your thumb and make it rotate counterclockwise so that the valve reaches the closed position. With the valve in the closed position, attach the pump hose to the inflatable valve on the board using the hose (I-3). Press and turn clockwise, turn halfway and you will feel it lock. Once you reach the desired PSI, turn the end of the hose that is attached to the board (I-5) by twisting it counterclockwise to release the hose from the valve. Then fasten the valve cap by turning it 90 ° clockwise (I-6).

  1. INSTALLATION OF THE STABILIZING FIN - 3 pcs. (G) after inflating the MAQUA inflatable SUP board (K):

Turn the MAQUA (A) inflatable SUP board upwards and place it on a flat surface, making sure that there are no sharp objects underneath.

4.1. Locate the base of the stabilizing fin / fin on the bottom of the MAQUA inflatable SUP board. Insert the fin into the hole as shown.

4.2. Slide the fin forward and inward.

4.3. Press on top so that the base of the fin / fin sinks into the base mounted on the MAQUA inflatable SUP board.  

4.4. Tighten the screw mounted on it clockwise.

* NOTE: The fin / fin may be rigid during installation and require a little more force to enter the hole properly.

* NOTE: In calm waters and smooth water surface, please install ONLY the central large fin / fin. In case of light stormy sea and turbulent waters and desire to surf the waves, please install both side additional finks / fins.


  1. BLOWING out your MAQUA rowing board:

5.1. Remove all installed accessories from the MAQUA inflatable SUP board, e.g. stabilizing fins / fins.

5.2. Locate the high pressure inflation valve at the back of the MAQUA inflatable SUP board. Remove the cap by turning it 90 ° counterclockwise.

5.3. Press the small release valve firmly down and turn it 90 ° to open the valve.

* NOTE: the MAQUA inflatable SUP board is under high pressure, the air will be released quickly with force and sound.

5.4. Start winding the MAQUA inflatable SUP board in front to push the remaining air out through the open valve backwards.

5.5. Once deflated, turn the pressure relief valve 90 ° to close for the next use.

5.6. Place the valve cap and turn it 90 ° clockwise to lock it.



Over time, it is possible for the high pressure inflation valve (2) to become loose. As part of the repair kit (H) We supply a valve wrench that must be used to tighten the valve to maintain the air seal.

  1. Open the high pressure valve (2) by turning the valve cap (1) 90 ° clockwise (L1).
  2. Insert the valve key into the high pressure valve as shown (L2)
  3. Hold the outside of the valve firmly and turn the valve key clockwise until it is fully tightened.

Note: We advise that the high pressure valve not be fully unscrewed unless absolutely necessary.



When assembling the 3-part (D) or 4-part (N) aluminum paddle first and then periodically, tighten the quick release screw by turning it clockwise. Otherwise,

if the screw is loose, the paddle handle can be released from the quick drive.

8. BASIC RULES FOR ROWING with the inflatable SUP board MAQUA:



  1. MAINTENANCE and STORAGE of the MAQUA inflatable SUP board:


  • Clean the MAQUA inflatable SUP board thoroughly after each use with fresh water and mild soap to remove salt crystals, sand granules and other small dirt particles. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Each time you take your board out of the water and blow it out, let it dry. Stagnant water can cause mold and odors.
  • Blow out the MAQUA inflatable SUP board by removing the plugs from the respective valves and removing all air.
  • Carefully roll the MAQUA inflatable SUP board back and forth, removing any remaining air.
  • Store the MAQUA inflatable SUP board in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight and somewhere without large temperature fluctuations. Pay attention to the fact that the inflatable SUP board MAQUA is not wrinkled, but lies flat and do not allow it to reach rodents.
  • The MAQUA inflatable SUP board must never be unfolded and inflated at temperatures below 9 ° C!
  • If the atmospheric pressure rises under the scorching sun, this must be compensated by releasing some air from the inflatable board.
  • Try to make sure that the MAQUA inflatable SUP board (especially when inflated) does not come into contact with stones, gravel or sharp objects and that it does not drag or pull on the ground, as this may damage the MAQUA inflatable SUP board.
  • Only insert suitable pump adapters in the valve. Wrong type of pump adapter can damage the valve and void your warranty.